SINCE 1949

gold,platinum,diamond purchasing shop/pawn shop at Matsudo-city


Selling your products

Established Pawnshop since 1949 – We offer the best price for your product

We will purchase your product by assessing on sight and pay you by cash. If you take our offered price, the deal is closed and the ownership of the product will transferred to us. If you do not accept the price, you can bring your product with you and will not have to pay anything for the assessment.

If you:

  • Would like to get rid of the product for cash
  • Would like to buy something else by selling what you have now
  • Have something you don’t use but has value and don’t want to throw away

How to sell your product

step 1

Please come to our store with your product.
If you visit us for the first time, please bring your ID.
You must be 18 years old or older by law.

step 2

Your product is assessed on sight. We will tell you our offer for the product.
We will give you our best price. If you do not feel comfortable about the price, you can bring back your product with you. Whether the deal is agreed or not, there is no fee for assessment.

step 3

【First Time Customer】Please show us your ID

(Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, My Number Card, Basic Resident Register Card, Passport, Resident Card, Special Permanent Resident Certificate, etc.)

【Fill out Contract Card】

Fill out Name, Address, Date of Birth, Occupation

step 4

We will pay you on sight in cash. The ownership of the product will be transferred to us by law. We will not be able to give you back the product once the deal is finalized. If you do not want to let go of the product, we recommend using the pawn system.

We will take:

  • Brand items
  • watch
  • platinum
  • gold
  • jewelry
  • camera
  • musical instrument
  • kimono

In addition, we will also purchase electric appliances, gift certificates, commemorative gold coins, coins, and various bank notes.
Gold and platinum will be purchased at the purchase price x g (weight) on that day. We will take broken items, old items , or even a small amount of pieces.
Associated diamonds, jewely, coins will be assessed as + α.